About ACC

Within the college, Academic Affairs is an administrative department. Its main goal is to supervise and coordinate multiple aspects of the academic policies and programs, ensuring the efficacy and caliber of instruction. Academic Affairs is responsible for monitoring and upholding the college policies that controlled academic, research and examination. It also provides faculty members and newly enrolled students with guidance and knowledge about these rules and policies. Additionally, it offers an encouraging atmosphere for achieving academic success and overcoming obstacles for both students and faculty.

Academic Affairs Unit at Al Fayha College is dedicated to enriching minds, transforming lives, and making a positive impact on the communities we serve. We are committed to fostering a dynamic learning environment that prepares students for success in a complex, interconnected world.


Promote academic excellence through providing an exemplary academic and administrative culture that encourages the faculty’s advancement in academia, the college, and the improvement of its academic results.


Academic Affairs at Al Fayha College is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and inclusive learning environment where academic excellence and student success are at the forefront of our commitment. We are guided by a profound sense of purpose and a dedication to the following principles:

    • Academic Excellence.
    • Student-Centered Approach.
    • Faculty Empowerment.
    • Diversity and Inclusion.
    • Continuous Improvement.
    • Community Engagement.
    • Integrity and Accountability.

Objectives & Responsibilities’

  • Streamline the communication that occurs between the college’s departments and the college’s dean.
  • In compliance with the guidelines, respond to any postal, phone, or email requests that the Academic Affairs Unit receives.
  • to complete the tasks and responsibilities given by the college dean and to give them the necessary reports.
  • Monitoring the activities of the college’s academic committees.
  • Create a record of information with the departments, instructors, courses, and programs.
  • Support in welcoming and assisting new students, acquainting them with the college and its departments, and attending to the needs and concerns of enrolled students.
  • Engaging participation in various kinds of college academic events.
  • Supporting the academic accreditation and quality unit in their efforts.
  • Maintain and monitoring of academic departments’ and faculty members’ work, and collaborate with them to plan academic schedules.
  • Engaging with the college’s dean and academic departments to create new programs and revise the college’s curriculum in accordance with industry demands.
  • Takes part in the evaluation of job applications and helping to determine the requirements of faculty members.
  • Provide recommendations for anything that would help the departments and college to the College Dean.
  • Work on implementing rules, recommendations, and guidelines pertaining to College academic issues.


Academic Affairs Unit Structure (Task Division Level)


Team Leader

Email Id


Mr. Asif Malik


Curriculum Development & Review

Dr. Mohammad Sharaf Khan


Faculty Management & Development

Dr. Mohammad Arshad


Recruitment of Faculty

Dr. Bilal Asghar



Contact Details

Contact Us: Dr. Ashraf Imam (Academic Affairs Coordinator)

WhatsApp or Call at +966-532592941