Al-Fayha College is a multidisciplinary academic institution of Engineering, Computing and Business. Located in Jubail Industrial City of Jubail Governorate of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Beside qualified high skill faculty members, it is equipped with latest technology, imparting contemporary knowledge trends, contributing to the development of the community, and committed to the success of students in meeting technological challenges of the future. With an emphasis on innovative programs, dynamic curriculum and pertinent educational skills, Al-FAYHA is dedicated to being a pioneer in career-focused outcome-based education. 

our values

Our Philosophy

We are devoted to meeting the scientific challenges of the future century and spreading the knowledge created in its laboratories by its research teams and transmitted to its students and to society as a whole.

Key Of Success

To understand the quickly changing world, Alfayha Collage promotes excellence and develops knowledge in each discipline while simultaneously developing numerous interdisciplinary programs to had solution of today’s complex challenges, such as climate change, the conservation and transmission of cultural heritage, and the data revolution.


We are Committed to research and the success of its students, Alfayha College opens its doors, to invite students to join its knowledge community that’s working to reinvent the world. Accreditation issues have been a major concern in developing and revising Al Fayha Collage programs.


The objective of the methodology is to produce a curriculum with a set of measurable outcomes that satisfy the accreditation requirements of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) 2000 outcome-based criteria and National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA) in Saudi Arabia.

An Open and Influential College

In order to fulfill its missions, Alfayha Collage cultivates an extensive partnership policy. Its laboratories are jointly run with prestigious national research bodies and academic colloquies. It works closely with local organizations and businesses to contribute to the economic development of local areas and global in general. Finally, it has developed a network of privileged, long-term partnerships with universities around the world and is particularly active within Saudi university organizations. Therefore, while Alfayha Collage contributes to the development of science and knowledge in the heart of Jubail Industrial City, it is also active as an influential academic institution on the Saudi Arabia and international stage.