About ASRU

Applied Studies and Research Unit is the unit working within the framework of strengthening the research capacity of the faculty members, and students of Al-Fayha College


Leadership and innovation in the fields of applied research in the specialties of the college


To create the appropriate structure for applied research, to disseminate its culture and to create practical solutions

Objectives & Responsibilities’

1. Linking the Unit’s policies in the field of applied research to the vision, mission and goals of the college.

2. To promote applied research at the College and to promote the culture and practice of applied research.

3. Contributing to the study of community issues and the creation of scientific solutions to solve them.

4. Develop the research strategy and plan the mechanisms for implementation in the college.

5. Providing a data bank on everything related to applied research in the college.

6. Records of achievements in scientific and applied research for faculty members.

7. Encouraging faculty members to attend and participate in conferences and seminars (National & International).

8. The establishment of lectures and workshops that help in the development of research capabilities of faculty members and students.

9. Implementation of the related topics related to scientific research based on the priority set in accordance with vision 2030 of the Kingdom.

10. Encouraging faculty members to create national and international collaborations.

ASRU Member

  • Dr. Mohammad Arshad (Head of the Unit)
  • Dr. Mohammad Sharaf Khan (Member)
  • Dr. Ashraf Imam (Member)
  • Dr. Abdelaziz Rafai (Member)
  • Dr. Bilal Asghar (Member)

Research Groups

The applied science research group and the business studies research group were established in 2023, By Dr. Mohammad Arshad and Dr. Ashraf Imam, as per the directions of Dr.Hamza Maghraby, (The Dean Al-Fayha College). The main aim of these research groups, was to enhance the research outputs in the field of Applied Sciences as well as in business studies. To conduct the research with an interdisciplinary environment by engaging faculty, students and also in collaborations with national and international research groups.

Applied Sciences Research Group

  • Dr. Mohammad Arshad
  • Dr. Sharaf Alam Khan
  • Dr. Abdulaziz Ibrahim
  • Dr. Abdulhafiz Musa
  • Dr. Abdulrahim Alghanmi
  • Dr. Ahmed Ali

Business Studies Research Group

  • Dr. Ashraf Imam
  • Dr. Bilal Asghar
  • Dr. Farhan Mustafa


Al-‘FAYHA College eagerly welcomes to collaborate (Industries, Scientist, Researchers, Colleges, Universities) globally, to explore and produce the high impact outcomes in the field of applied studies and research.




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Contact Details

Dr. Mohammad Arshad , Head of the Applied Studies & Research Unit

Email: asru@fayha.edu.sa

Mobile: +966559712511