Bachelor of Science Program in Architectural Engineering (BS-AE)

This proposed program in Building Engineering (BE) has been prepared in response to a request by Al-Fayha College in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. During the last few years

The mission of the AE-program at Al-Fayha College is

To provide educational experiences in an environment that allows students to have a sense of belonging and purpose. The educational experiences are designed to graduate competent architectural engineers who will serve the building/construction businesses and government needs with their expertise in designing, constructing, and operating high-performance and sustainable buildings with well-integrated and efficient building systems and to serve the Saudi communities and society at large.

  • The program combines the features of the best Architectural/Building Engineering programs in the world.
  • The program emphasizes analytical and quantitative skills, and provides a solid scientific, mathematical, and technical engineering foundation.
  • The program reflects the latest developments and trends in building engineering education, as reflected in the current academic programs and practices in the building/construction industry and sector.
  • The program has been designed considering local as well as international trends within the academic, building/construction industry pertinent to the built environment. Given the National Transformation Program of KSA under the Vision 2030, it is a very timely and topical initiative. The program covers all important aspects of buildings. In addition, it addresses not buildings in terms of construction but also the different building systems and the indoor environmental conditions of buildings. The main features of the undergraduate AE-program can be summarized in the following key elements and points:
  • Qualify the students with the necessary skills and knowledge to compete for employment and succeed in the public and private building /construction industry, or academic sectors, and achieve leadership in the building engineering profession, and/or to seek post-graduate education for further career development.
  • Provide employers of architectural engineering professionals with graduates who are technically competent, business aware, collaborative, able to communicate effectively and ethically grounded.
  • Specifically, the set of key educational objectives of the AE-Program are to prepare graduates to be (in 3-4 years from graduation):
  1. Professionally qualified to use appropriate techniques, skills, and tools in order to practice the integrative design of building systems, execution and management of variety of building/construction projects.
  2. Competent to function in multi-disciplinary work environments and assume active leadership in their profession in an ethical responsible manner serving diverse areas in the building/construction industry.
  3. Active Contributors to the consulting-services sector in the building/construction industry and built environment, and to serve the profession at large and the Saudi communities/society in particular.
  4. Pursuant of professional life-long learning and continuing education (as desired) for their further career development in order to be up to the changing local demands and fast emerging technologies in the building/construction industry in the Kingdom.
ARE Degree Plan