The Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with Concentration in Human Resources Management prepares students for positions in human resource department leadership, to establish and advance organizational policies and guidelines, and to utilize the tools and techniques for developing transformational work environments. The program prepares graduates to become influential business leaders equipped with the ability to identify, analyze, and solve complex human resource and management issues. It provides students with a thorough knowledge of the issues, topics, methods, and requirements they will encounter in the field of Human Resources. The fundamentals of management, psychology, ethics, and organization behavior; combined with advanced courses in employment law and labor relations.

  •  Conduct effective human resource planning.
  •  Explain the processes of job analysis, staffing, appraisal and compensation, career training, and development.
  • Identify various performance appraisal systems and critically evaluate their pros and cons.
  • Demonstrate cohesive team-management skills with a focus on the group dynamics of an increasingly diverse workforce.
  • Utilize various processes and tools for bargaining, negotiating, and resolving disputes.
  •  Use quantitative and qualitative analytical research methods to evaluate human resource initiatives and solve problems.
  •  Develop effective written and oral communications consistent with the business and professional environment.
  •  Apply appropriate information technology to analyze problems and issues, develop business research, report key data, and recommend management strategy and action plans.
  •  Interpret and apply human resource principles in a global setting.
  • Evaluate ethical, social, civic, cultural, and political issues as they relate to the environment of human resources management.
HRM Degree Plan