Bachelor of Science Program in Chemical Engineering

Therefore, the mission of the program is to provide an innovative educational program that is rigorous and challenging as well as flexible and supportive. The program is designed to meet the challenges that our graduates are likely to face throughout their professional careers and to provide a high level of scholarship and professional capability, with highly developed skills in lifetime learning, planning, problem-solving, communication and leadership

The program in Chemical Engineering (ChE) has several distinguishing characteristics. The main features of this ChE program are.

  1. The program combines the features of the best ChE programs in the world.
  2. The program provides skills in all science and engineering aspects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics, etc.

The strategy of the Department of Chemical Engineering to achieve its objectives is to:

  1. Attract high quality students especially those with top university entrance scores to the chemical engineering program.
  2. Continually improve and update the quality of the chemical engineering curriculum.
  3. Adopt and apply advances in educational technologies to improve teaching and the learning environment.
  4. Develop a strong senior capstone design project course. Annual awards are presented by the Saudi Arabian Section of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) for the best presented projects.
  5. Acquire modern computerized laboratory experiments to update our laboratory program in chemical engineering.
  6. Attract and retain high quality faculty and support staff.
  7. Continually improve the program through advice of Industrial Advisory Committee.
  8. Promote a strong environmental engineering elective program as per the request of our Industrial Advisory Committee.
  9. Promote study in the areas of excellence: Polymers and Materials, Environmental Process Control, Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals, and Catalytic and Reaction Engineering.

Assess the program through surveys of graduating seniors, faculty, alumni, and their employers for improvement

CHE Degree Plan