Bachelor of Science Program in Interior Design (INT)

Al-Jubail city and its surrounding region do not have any higher education institutions that offer Interior Design programs. There are only two interior design programs in the whole Eastern Province

Interior Design Program Mission

The mission of the program is to educate leaders in the practice of Interior Design who have an ethical and critical approach towards the profession and the community. Specifically, the Program is committed to graduating future interior designers who are creative problem solvers with strong communication skills, active team players, well versed in the discipline technical and professional knowledge, highly knowledgeable in local concerns of the profession, and highly prepared to make a positive impact in the practice of interior design regionally and globally. The graduates of the interior design program will contribute to improving the economy and quality of life of the Saudi community by understanding the impact of interior design on the health, safety, and welfare of the people’s life.   

Main Features of the INT Program

The Interior Design program of Al-Fayha College is a distinguished and high-quality academic program. The Interior Design program is guided by Al-Fayha College institutional mission and goals and makes significant contributions to their achievements. 

Program Learning Objectives (PLO)

The educational objectives of the Bachelor of Science in Interior Design (INT) are to produce graduates capable of:

Objective #1      Practice Interior Design with confidence, professional responsibility, global awareness, and superior work ethics and character.

Objective #2      Apply professional knowledge, technical skills, and sound interior design processes.

Objective #3      Demonstrate high proficiency in critical thinking, communication, and solving complex design problems.

Objective #4      Apply the codes, standards, regulations, and practices to produce efficient, creative, and sustainable interior design solutions that address the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

Objective #5      Demonstrate deep understanding of the environmental, ethical, cultural, and contemporary aspects of interior design practice.

Objective #6      Pursue a life-long learning to meet evolving interior environment needs.

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