Bachelor of Science Program in Mechanical Engineering

This is the proposed program in Mechanical Engineering (ME) at Al-Fayha College in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

  1. The program emphasizes problem-solving skills through acquiring analytical and quantitative capabilities, combined with hands-on teaching style.
  2. The program provides students with a solid mathematical background in calculus and statistics to be able to analyze problems and design solutions.
  3. The program emphasizes creativity. Through learning the product design and development process in lab-based courses.
  4. The program stresses on acquiring communication skills that allow graduates to explain complex machines or devices in a clear and effective manner.
  5. The program provides teamwork training. Students need to work in groups, as engineers often work in groups to invent technologies and solve problems.

To provide students with an analytical thinking, communication skills, and a strong understanding of industry standards for designing, simulating, and testing mechanical systems.

The objectives of a Bachelor of Science Programs in Mechanical Engineering can be classified into the following main attributes:

  1. Competence in applying the fundamentals of mechanical engineering.
  2. Capability of becoming technical or managerial leaders.
  3. Continuous career development and ability to pursue further education.
  4. Commitment to professional and ethical standards.
  5. Community service, innovation, entrepreneurship, multidisciplinary skills.
ME Degree Plan