Bachelor of Science Program in Computer Science and Engineering

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The objectives of the CSE program at Al-Fayha College is to produce graduates who can:

  1. Work as computer engineers anywhere in the world,
  2. Pursue graduate studies in the same or a related field if they choose to do so.

These objectives are consistent with the department’s and Al-Fayha College’s missions. Specifically:

  • PEO 1 supports the expected leadership and global competitiveness roles of CSE graduates in the economic development of the region,
  • PEO 2 describes how the broad knowledge, skills, and practices acquired during the course of study serve as the basis for quality research during graduate

Therefore, these program educational objectives contribute indirectly to the accomplishment of the university mission statement.

Main Features of the CSE Program

The program has the following features:

  • Breadth of knowledge to produce well-rounded graduates who are capable of understanding the problems that they are working to solve through computer-based solutions,
  • Depth of knowledge in computer science and engineering as well as related fields (e.g. electronics and control) that allow the graduates to devise innovative solutions to any problems they work on, and
  • Complementary skills such as communication skills that enable the graduates to become successful professionals and