Bachelor of Science Program in Industrial and Systems Engineering (BSISE)

This proposed program in Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) has been prepared in response to a request by Al-Fayha College in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

The mission of the BSISE program at Al-Fayha College is to provide educational experiences in an environment that allows students to have a sense of belonging and purpose. The educational experiences are designed to produce competent industrial engineers who will serve the business and government needs with their expertise in designing, improving, and installing integrated systems of people, materials, information, equipment, and energy.

The program in Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) has several distinguishing characteristics. The main features of this ISE program are.

  1. The program combines the features of the best ISE programs in the world.

  2. The program emphasizes analytical and quantitative skills and provides a solid scientific and mathematical engineering foundation.

  3. The program reflects the latest developments and trends in ISE education, as reflected in the current academic programs and industrial

The educational objectives of the BSISE program at Al-Fayha College are primarily to:

  • provide students with the skills and knowledge to obtain employment and succeed in the public, private, or academic sectors, and achieve leadership with the industrial and systems engineering profession, or to proceed with graduate education
  • provide employers of industrial and systems engineering professionals with candidates who are technically competent, business aware, collaborative, able to communicate effectively, and ethically

Specifically, the set of key educational objectives of the Industrial and System Engineering program are to prepare our graduates to:

  1. Use appropriate techniques, skills, and tools to identify, formulate, analyze, and solve complex industrial engineering problems in industry and service sector
  2. Design and improve a system, component, or process to meet an identified need
  3. Communicate effectively and become active leaders in their profession and ethical and responsible members of society/community
  4. Pursue professional life-long learning, and continuing education for higher degrees
ISE Degree Plan