About Continuing Education Program

The continuing education program at Fayha College, Al-Jubail is designed to impart training for industrial operators’ supervisors, Junior and senior engineers so that their training skills would be elevated and refreshed.

Al Fayha College has highly qualified and experienced engineering faculty members to  conduct the training suited to industries at different levels of operations, processes, maintenance, and equipment design and related trouble shootings. The training will be conducted using latest delivery technologies in addition to  the case studies


To become a center of excellence for the development of  the region and the  country attritive  by providing highly competitive professionals, cutting edge technologies and effective services to the academic and allied industries.


  •  To provide education and training to the students for serving at national and global level
  • To develop a strong training center for imparting excellence in training and providing strong background of real depth of base industry
  •  To develop vibrant and creative learning environment to produce technically sound, ethically strong and morally elevated human resources

Objectives & Responsibilities’

1. Linking the field of continuing education to the vision, mission, and goals of the college.

2. To promote continuing education at the College and to promote the culture and practice of industrial training .

3. Contributing to the study of community issues and the creation of engineering solutions to solve problems..

4. Develop the training strategy and plan the mechanisms for implementation in the college.

5. Providing a data bank on everything related to continuing education in the college.

6. Records of achievements in training program for allied industries situated in the vicinity of Jubail area .

7. Encouraging industries to attend and participate in short and long program of the training at reginal  and national level.

8. The establishment of short and long courses that help in the development and operation of the industries .

9. Implementation of the related troubleshooting solution to the operation and maintenance and process plant design based on the priority set in accordance with vision 2030 of the Kingdom.

10. Encouraging the industries to create collaborations with Fayha college related with imparting training  and development .


Faculty Members

Candidate Name Email Dept
Dr.Talal Hamza Maghrabi maghrabi.t@fayha.edu.sa Computer Science & Enginreeing
Dr. M. Sharaf A. Khan khan_ms@fayha.edu.sa Chemical Enginreeing
Dr. Jumah. Al-Alwani jumah.alalwani@fayha.edu.sa Industrial and System Enginreeing
Dr. Ahmed A. Ali dr.ahmed@fayha.edu.sa Computer Science & Enginreeing
Dr. Omer. Al-Adani dr.omer@fayha.edu.sa Enginreeing Skills Developer
Dr. Mohamed. Abu-Sbeih abusbeih@fayha.edu.sa Enginreeing Mathematies
Dr. Abdulhafidh M. Muhammad hafizsis@fayha.edu.sa Mechnical Engineering
Dr. Ashraf. Imam aimam@fayha.edu.sa Business Management and Information System
Dr. Abderrahim Alghanemi elghanmi@fayha.edu.sa Engineering Mathematics
Dr. Bilal Asghar dr.bilal@fayha.edu.sa Financial and Business Management
Dr. Farhan Mustafa fmustafa@fayha.edu.sa Accounting and Business Management
Dr.Abdelaziz M.Alrufai abdelazizalrufai@fayha.edu.sa Engineering physics
Dr. Mohamed Arshad M.arshad@fayha.edu.sa Engineering and Applied Chemical Science




Trouble shooting processes for the industries
Process Hazard Analysis
Process plant safety for the chemical industries.
General concept of Catalyst and catalytic processes
Environmental problems and their remedies
Chemical engineering for Non chemical engineers
Instrumentation and control processes
Advance process control and simulation techniques
Chemical and separation processes for industries
.Chemical reaction engineering and Rector Design
Material and Energy balances for the industrial system.
Transportation techniques applied to the industries
Operators Responsibilities in existing plant
Control panel and simulation techniques
.Pollution control and related approaches
Heat transfer and heat exchange equipment (Heat exchangers)
Process equipment used in industries
Fluid flow system in the industrial network
Engineering profession for the new engineers
Tracing engineering diagrams their Applications in different processes.


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Contact Details

Dr. Mohammad Sharaf Alam Khan

Email: khan_ms@fayha.edu.sa

Mobile: +966553741354