Preparatory Year Program

Al-Fayha College Preparatory Year Program (PYP) is a one-year program consisting of two semesters with 15 credits hours each. Main objective of PYP is to address the specific English language needs of students who have completed high school with strong academic records but are unprepared to function in an all-English curriculum at the college level. The program also aims to develop the science and mathematics competencies and computer skills of newly admitted students, as well as develop the requisite academic literacy and study skills needed for success in college studies.

Al-Fayha Preparatory Year Program’s curriculum follows an integrated approach to the teaching of language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and a student-centered approach to the teaching of mathematics and physical science. Moreover, the curriculum incorporates computer literacy, study and life skills, and conversational English, depending on individual needs. It is important to mention that students are required to successfully complete the PYP to be eligible to proceed with their major programs.

Al-Fayha College PYP program has several characteristics. The main features of the programs are:

  1. The program is designed for the academic level of newly admitted students who has low English language command.
  2. The program focuses on equipping students with the needed knowledge and skills needed to pursue their college studies.
  3. The program emplanes values, attitudes, and personal characteristics needed for a will-rounded graduates.
  4. The program works towards distinguished students matching the high-level academic standards.